Crossland Real Estate Application Information

Thank you for considering a Crossland Real Estate rental home. Before you begin the online application process, please read carefully the following important qualification information.

Yes, it’s a lot of reading by today’s standards. Longer than a Tweet, less fun than a Text, not as interesting as a cat video on Facebook.

But this is serious. We want your application and approval process to be seamless and uncomplicated, so please take just a few minutes and read this entire page, then follow the requires steps.

Our Goal
Our goal on this pre-application info page is to you make sure you’ve gathered the necessary information and documentation to complete the online application in one sitting, and to prevent you from wasting money on application fees only to find out we can’t rent to you because of your pets, incompatible move-in date, low credit score, income shortage, too many roommates or other disqualification factors.

Please read each item carefully. If you still have any questions AFTER reading EVERYTHING below, call Steve the Property Manager at 512-277-3005.

Confirm Availability, Ask Questions, Verify Compatibility
Email to to make sure the property is still available, and to ask any questions.

If you are working with an outside Realtor or Leasing Agent, have them check with our Listing Agent to confirm availability.

Confirm move-in date
We can hold vacant homes up to 10 days from application/availability date. Make sure your move-in date matches the availability date.

Confirm Pet Compatibility – Get your Pet/Animal Pre-Screened.
IF ALLOWED (Don’t apply to a “no pets” property if you have pets):

  • Limit 2 pets max.
  • Age 2 years or older. (no puppies or kittens)
  • Weight 35 lbs or less. (no large dogs)
  • Current Vaccination Records and pet photos required.
  • No aggressive or Insurance-restricted breeds or mix thereof.
  • $300 (refundable) Deposit per pet
    $200 (non-refundable) fee per pet
    ($500 per pet total deposit/fee)
  • No rent increase or “pet rent” for pets.

Your Pet or any other Animal must be verified separately at before your main rental application will be considered. If you have questions about Pets, call and ask BEFORE applying.

Verify Occupancy
We generally limit to 2 roommates max, or 1 family. With some exceptions depending on the home and the neighborhood restrictions. Some neighborhoods don’t allow overnight parking on the street, for example, so a group of roommates with 3 or 4 cars won’t fit.

If you have 3 or more roommates, call and discuss BEFORE applying to make sure we can place a roommate group in the specific home. You must all qualify separately as well. Each roommate must earn at least 2 times (double) the monthly rent, have good credit and be employed with verifiable income.

Verify parking restrictions and limits on number of vehicles
We generally limit vehicles to a maximum of 2 at the property. Many newer HOAs and Condos have parking restrictions that must be followed, such as no overnight parking on streets and/or limited vehicles allowed per home.

Some Central Austin neighborhoods also now require permits to park on the street.

If you have more than 2 vehicles, you should not apply unless you’ve discussed your vehicles with us and confirmed that the home you are interested in can accommodate more than 2 vehicles. Most can, but many can’t.

We do not allow boats, RVs or trailers to be stored on any of our managed homes.

Know Your Credit Score
Decide if your credit history will pass. Your Credit (FICO) score must be 650 or higher.

Scores of 600-649 can sometimes be approved conditionally as long as you are able to pay double deposit, AND your income and rental history are excellent.

If your credit is below 600, we will not be able rent to you, even with a co-signer or extra deposit. Do NOT apply.

Note: Many banks and most Credit Card companies will show your Credit Score (FICO Score) if you log into your account. If you are not sure of your credit score, you might find it there, or search online for a site that will provide it to you.

Know your Income
You will need to prove gross household income of at least 3x the monthly rent for families/couples.

Roommates must qualify separately with income at least 2x rent for each roommate (4x total if 2 roommates, 6x if 3 roommates).

Determine if you have enough verifiable income. Talk to your roommate(s). You will need a copy of a recent paystub, tax return or hire letter ready to upload during the online application process. We do not allow bank statements to substitute for proof of income. Do NOT upload bank statements.

Know Your Rental/Mortgage History
You must provide verifiable Rental History for the past 2 years. Living with friends or relatives does not qualify. If you’ve owned a home, that counts as residence history and we will be able to verify your mortgage payment history on your credit report. Payments must be timely with no more than 1 late rent/mortgage payment past 12 months.

Ask About Co-Signers
We generally do not allow co-signers. When we do, it is to cure an income shortage for students or r3cent grads, not to overcome bad credit or no rental history for others. If you are a student, or recent grad still needing a co-signer, call to discuss before applying.

Ask About Criminal History
If you have criminal history that you think might disqualify you, call to discuss.

Tenant Benefits Required
$15 per month will be added to the advertised Rent, and due monthly. New A/C filters will be shipped to your doorstep quarterly with instructions for changing your filters.

Have your Info and Docs ready to upload
Assemble all required documentation and information, as listed below. Only upload good, clean, readable documents, preferable in pdf form.

Partial or incomplete applications cannot be processed. You must complete Pet/Animal Screening before applying. Do that here.

Before starting the online application make sure you have everything you will need to complete the application in one sitting.

Here is a list of info and items you should have ready to Upload before starting:

• All contact information for current and previous 2 landlords, including dates of occupancy, addresses, landlord phone numbers, (fax number also if apartment or property manager), email address if available, rent amounts, etc. This will all be entered, nothing to upload.

• All contact information for current employers, including start date, address, phone/fax numbers, email, salary amount, etc. as well as a recent paystub. You will need to upload a copy of a recent paystub as part of the application process. Or a hire letter or Tax Return if self-employed.


• Your Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Driver LicenseNumber, current address, cell phone and email. You will need to upload a copy of your driver license or official photo ID.

• Vehicle info including Make, Model, Year and license plate of all vehicles, including those of your roommates and co-applicants.

• Pet Screening or Assistance/Service Animal screening info must be complete before starting your Rental Application. including age, name, weight, breed, color and shot history. Do that at

• The full name, cell number, and email address of all adult co-applicants and occupants who will live with you in the home. If you are the first applicant to apply, you will “invite” your roommates, spouse or others via email when you complete your application.

Summary of Documentation you will need to have ready in pdf or jpg format before starting the application.

• Copy of your current driver license or state issued photo ID ready to upload. It must be a clean, full readable image.

• Copy of recent paystub, tax return or hire letter. If self-employed, last year’s tax return – ready to upload. Just the first two pages.

Note: DO NOT upload bank statements, we are not asking for those and they do not substitute for proof of employment via paystub and/or tax returns.

• If you have pets or are disabled and have a legitimately prescribed Assistance/Service Animal (internet certificates that you buy online are not deemed credible), you must have complete Pet Profiles for each animal. Do that at

And you’ll  need a Credit Card in hand to pay the non-refundable Application Fee.

After Approval
Once you are approved, we will send the lease for electronic signing and you must immediately pay the security deposit, any pet deposit/fees, a $50 Lease Admin fee, and sign the lease to hold the property.

We do not take the property off the market until you have signed the lease and paid your security deposit and other fees.

It’s important that you NOT apply if you are not fully committed to leasing the property.

The above is fairly standard criteria in Austin, it’s just a lot of data-points and information that we have to process as Landlords. Sorry. Most applicants do in fact qualify and get approved but we want you to be fully informed about what we’re looking for up front to avoid causing you frustration.

If you meet the above criteria, have completed your pet and/or Assistance/Service Animal screening application, and feel ready to complete your online Rental Application, click below to continue. If you have questions, contact us.

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